chad galactic | Audio Book – Coffee & Whiskey/Skewers & Sunsets
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Audio Book – Coffee & Whiskey/
Skewers & Sunsets


Audio version of the poetry book that was published in July 2015.

This download includes 12 bonus tracks. Chad Galactic reading poems that were not able to fit into the book. They were hand chosen, just for all of you!

Also including artwork from our friend and artist Chelsea Stephen.
Full color, in the printed version they were only able to be printed in black and white.

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After more than a decade of writing about living, growing, shining, falling, crying, laughing, and trying; I have chosen to share with you the Me that is Chad Galactic.

This book is sweet and some is gut wrenchingly sad, but this is me. I toiled for a long time on how far back I wanted to pull the curtain, fearing that if you had access directly into my thoughts you might see me in a different way. I am willing to take that risk!

I took an oath when I signed up for the Hippy Fiasco that I would be 100% honest with the camera and not hide who I really am. I love that rush I get from that riskā€”It is exhilarating!Please know that these poems were written and pulled from feelings that may have lasted only one second and may have been from over ten years ago.

They may or may not be the me that I am now BUT they in some way formed who I am today.

I invite you to see a window into the ME that up until now I was the only one able to see.Please also understand the these were originally written from Me to Me. They were the fruits of or the creation of a moment in time. I captured them for me and I never intended for them to fall under your eyes.