PRESS - chad galactic
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Hunger comes from a place deeper than the body.  Make no mistake, the body is most certainly involved but the brain, spirit and countless intangibles also underlie one’s appetites.  It’s this deeper, more slippery smorgasbord that space captain extraordinaire Chad Galactic sinks his mighty incisors into with his original recipe Food Raps.  The phrase ‘Food Raps’ may conjure images of an accordion-dappled Weird Al cover band or a shadowy, smoke-filled Reno buffet where the remaining Fat Boys ply their craft for unlimited servings, but that ain’t this trip.  Monsieur Galactic has swirled the primal flavas of food and the drum into music that stirs legit hunger.  Really, bend an ear and see if you don’t scuttle off, telltale saliva in the corners of your mouth, to grab an Animal Style Double Double from In & Out after Chad lays his gourmand-y knowledge on ya!  Is it silly? Sure but also weirdly, charmingly thoughtful, nouveau cuisine transmogrified into beats and bass lines, fragrant dishes made from mics and dope rhymes instead of organic tidbits and marbled meats.  Food Raps is serious bidness that don’t take bidness too seriously, the open-mouthed spawn of Julia Child and the Sugar Hill Gang.  Bust a mousse! Fear of a blackened catfish!  Fight for your right to parboil!  Grab a bib and recognize ‘cause Chad Galactic and his hunger motivating posse are here to stir it up!

– Dennis Cook aka D-Nice