A feathers touch - chad galactic
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16 Nov A feathers touch

We were once together everyday

Things changed and you had to go away

We laughed and talked and held each others hand

The feelings of being distant are hard to understand

Connected so brilliantly sharing and caring with love

Reduced to thoughts and a text message hug

Laying in a bed that was once soft and warm

Now lost at sea getting tossed by a storm

I know you love me and I hope you can remember

All the fun we had and our thoughts of forever

Oh to have once more your hand in mine

Crushing all cares making everything fine

I want you I need you right here with me

Butterflies in my stomach how can this be

I want this time and distance to end

What a shame to be apart from your best friend

I will change my life to incorporate you

And make all of your wildest dreams come true

I will handle your heart with the touch of a feather

I can tell that you and I will have many adventures together

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