A prayer to the gods - chad galactic
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A prayer to the gods

16 Nov A prayer to the gods

A smile that teaches the sun how to shine

And hair so soft that it stops all time

A body like a godess personified in a statue

I turn my light on to try to attract you


Distracted and immune you play hard to get

A true butterfly escapes easily from a generic net

The next time we meet a birthday celebration

I approached you this time with honest elation


Talking and bonding and running and laughing

A time like no other we were definitely having

We connected and melted so easily together

So soft and so light the touch of a feather


That ride is now over it’s not hard to see

How much I respect you and how much you inspire me

So honest and pure and forever so green

A beauty that’s real like I have never seen


I cherish the time that we spend together

And I pray to the gods that we’ll be friends forever

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