Cake sitting fool - chad galactic
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16 Nov Cake sitting fool

When the things I’ve worked for start to look good

I steal from my projects as if I were robin hood

I need to buy an alarm to keep away the thief

Yet I can’t figure out how to deter me from me

I save my money for tires, I drive over nails

Then I realize I need something with sails

Then I need a plane to a new destination

Why I don’t arrive needs no explanation

I pop my own balloons, I sit on my own cake

Then I’m shocked when I sleep in the bed that I make

This hasn’t happened once it hasn’t happened twice

So regular that I’m the easies to give advise

Stop this oh stop this I plead on my knees

My lack of completion is what everybody sees

The only thing I complete and I hate this about myself

Are projects and dreams of somebody else

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