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Daily Tune-ups

16 Nov Daily Tune-ups

As you tread the path of this new journey

Use this love list, although it may sound corny

Remember the moment the two of you first fell in love

Think of it everyday when you give each other a 20 second hug

This will start the trip of each day in the proper direction

By squirting your heart with a love intense injection

When you pack each others lunch don’t forget to put in a note

If you forget, don’t lie and say it got eaten by a goat

When you’re at work or school, don’t forget to call

Up the ladder, if you keep going you’ll never fall

Try to remember, at the close of each business day

Hard times at work are forgotten, when you’re at home it is time to play

It is almost time for dinner so now you must cook

While letting the beans simmer it’s always good to read out loud a book

If you get lost in the story and ruin those damn beans

Look at it as an excuse to go eat Krispy Kremes

By reframing these situations you can keep your love in focus

The only magic is how you love, there is no hocus-pocus

Remember the fun you had and all the times you ate cake

Always keep the thing I made, the woman of Land-o-lakes

Give each other space and hold each other close

It’s this interesting balance that will help you love the most

When it’s hot in the summer, don’t forget to play squirt the hose

When you are done with that you can always go eat Quizno’s

I am so happy that each of your quests brought you together

On this path of life, you must always stay birds of a feather

The love you have makes everyone around feel good

I would say it is as strong as oak but to rhyme I will say wood

This list is simple, forthright and this list is the rule

When doing your daily tune-ups you must always have the proper tool

Just because I have come up with this list don’t think that I am Yoda

Even though the force is strong with me, I still don’t drink and soda

You together have a flame like none that’s ever been seen

If you follow these steps your life will always end up like a dream

As I wrap this list up, it all seems to look very clear

I would like every one to raise their glasses and say out loud cheers

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