Glamorama - chad galactic
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16 Nov Glamorama

Welcome to night two the prom is now done for

And we want to welcome you back to the fillmore

In dresses and tuxes you all went bannans

And now you are back for a night of glamarama

Surrender yourselves to this night of bliss

No matter if you came here as madona or kiss

In leather or in florecent we are all here as one

To listen to some music and have the most fun

The road was long and windy  and we often felt alone

But the thing that kept us going was that we would end up back home

This night to us is so super special

The culmination of the best tour d’ amour ever

We went to the most places and ran many races

And filled our hearts with your smiling faces

All the work was so worth it, don’t have any fear

Because at the end of it all we finished up here

Thank you all for your love and for your belief

And for all of the support it’s just what we need

It keeps us going and keeps us on track

And for better fans we could never ask

Everything we do is for you and your love

We hope that our efforts warm you like Michael Jackson’s glove

And make you smile and dance for a while

And rock out glamorously and feel like a child

This night is for you to have and to own

Please take what we give and cherish it like home

I won’t take any more time its now time to go

Please put your hand together for our favorite band ALO

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