Learn From Your Friends - chad galactic
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Learn From Your Friends

23 Sep Learn From Your Friends

Learn from your friends you’ll end up like them!!

Some people drink to burry their sadness
I drink because I am chad galactic
A pressure I’ve put so sadly on myself
And a standard so high to be part of the top shelf

I love what I do and how I create
And know that what I put out is real close to great
But these standards I have and expectations of me
I place on myself because I really can’t see

My peers and my friend, I love them so much
They inspire me fully, to them I look up
True idols of mine they have created me
Well at least the me that I want to be

It’s hard to feel equal when I look up to them
And hard for me to accept them as friends
I guess the best way for me to reach
My goals is to learn from them the lessons they teach

Surround yourself with people better than you
Learning all you can mimicking what they do
And as you grow tall and learn from them all
You will be the you that they all saw

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