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16 Nov Live the vision

I create a dream as real as it seems

Chasing fake realities swimming up stream

I make love to my phone craving a home

Stewing in the sadness of being all alone

Half the time I’m in the mix apart of a scene

Two thirds of the time living in a dream

A burrito filled full with fake machismo

Realizing I’m the product of an inventive gringo

Making dreams a reality is what I’m all about

Embarrassed mine will not have much clout

Walt Disney did it perfectly why cant I

Because I trip on the weakness of my minds eye

Or did Walt have the jump on this nation

Before brains were ruined by over stimulation

Am I marching up a hill to steep now

Paving fields of ideas with an ox and plow

The idea of Disneyland is a super vision

thoughts of a man coming to fruition

a modern day genesis right there in the making

open up your mind right there for the taking

these things shouldn’t get me to steer off the topic

I should create because I want to not to make a profit

So here you are world, all my mind is open to you

My books, my poems and every thing  I do!!!!

you know what I’m sorry, I shouldn’t give it away

I make my living on creation and sharing what I have to say

I know that it’s worth it and your mind it will fill

Why am I embarrassed to submit to you a bill

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