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Magician or Drunk wordmatician

16 Nov Magician or Drunk wordmatician

I have the best friends and admire them fully

I respect their talents and I wonder what they see in me

If you look at my skills and throw them on a graph

I don’t possess half of the greatness that these guys have

I’m a fraud and a fake with the illusions I create

Anything I’ve got is luck, on a ride I wave



I wish I had the courage to ask them what they see

And why so easily they gave me a key


I’m so fortunate to be revered by the people I envy

But I’m troubled by the way that they see me

If they saw me with my own eyes

I’d be afraid they’d be able to unmask my disguise


I’m not their peer I am their employee

I have a talent that’s why they employ me

A thing I don’t get is if they didn’t believe

Why would they choose to collaborate for free


If I were on the webcast now, I’d be tryin’

To find out why I shouldn’t be cryin’

Something to do with enhancement and with inspiration

And the sadness I feel and lack of calibration


I’ve created and created for my own mind space

Maybe now is the time for me to run my race

My words my rhymes and my view on time

Are things held sacred that were only mine


To share them would be intimate and really very personal

Accept or decline, this message blows up when your thru

Bearing my soul to all those who listen

A social antisocial what a juxtaposition


Am I a magician or a drunk wordmatician

Spittin’ on top of the sick beats I’m givin’

Kickin’ when you listen please know I’m kissin’

the ring of the gods just tryin’ to fit in

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