Siren Sweet Temptress - chad galactic
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Siren Sweet Temptress

16 Nov Siren Sweet Temptress

Perched on a ledge that doth call me with the rise of each sun and spying the horizon  a lonely pirates eyes locked upon the shore… mine mind so races with plaguing telegrams of a beauty so pure… the angel of love hath descended upon my longing heart.  With setting moons and turning tides I sit patient.  The picture so vivid as vivid so true.  Comforted in lonesome days I await, a reunion spectacular a reunion so great!

How can it be, the magnet of fate, is not drawn to itself it’s eternal mate?  O these cards dealt firmly, burning my hand, life’s game so wicked and twistedly complex. Captively paralyzed with fear for the loss of my hands their strength to secure.

Trapped by thine noose, snared so securely mine bleeding hearts desire.  Memories doth skew these visions I see.  My entire life fasted now tempted by fruit. This vessel’s course dictated so easily by fate’s blind uncertainty.  These sirens doth scream as I crave with no care.  This bud of love, by summer’s ripening breath…may prove a beauteous flower so velvety fair.  Confidently secure… sated now mine heaven so true.  Concrete life faded magically to dream… behold my eternal temptress —  the cavern of fate now steeps an elixir purple and green… so perfectly suited in both hearts fully known.  Past sins do trespass the yards so secure, transporting gently these desires so true.

Wake up sweet destiny, life’s cock hath crowed twice.  Urgently dock these souls gently. Together for life.

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