The Carrot of Arrogance - chad galactic
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The Carrot of Arrogance

04 Dec The Carrot of Arrogance

Have you ever looked at your self in the mirror
Shrugging the mortality of person staring back at you
As you franticly write what you believe is a star
He’s just laughing at how important you think that you are  

You may be a gift and you may be a curse
Why would they all love what you think is the worst?
Holding yourself to standards you’ve seen in your friends
And the white falcon fuzz that may kill you in the end  

You’re not a good singer and you don’t have a band
But you selfishly struggle to be all that you can
Wishing for words that have a magical fruit-filled meaning
And a positive influence on tomorrows thinking children  

This may be a reality but it probably will not
History may wipe your words like a piece of snot
You may just fade away and not leave a trace
Never touching anyone with your arrogant grace  

But you still must believe so you can go on
That the entire world will soon sing your song
Every word and thought you ever have made
Is a song for the world that will always be played  


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